How to join myPeso and start the business

How to join myPeso and start the business. Be an AFFILIATE for FREE. Register NOW!

Posted: Oct-02-2017 08:30:28

Joining myPeso Marketing Enterprise
1* Open our website
2* Click Register/Login
3* Fill up the Registration From
4* Then click the Register button
5* The system will ask you to type again the password the click ***Confirm to register button
6* Check your email, the system will send you an email containing details to validate and verify your registration.
7* Once your account was verified, you are considered myPeso Affiliate Marketer
8* You may login now and update your profile, browse our website and click the social media share button to start sharing the business. Please don't forget to update your Personal Info to activate your referral link.
9* You may download/store all Your Links on your device for easy sharing.

Strictly One Account Per Person Policy. You Will Not Create More Than One Account and You Are Not Allowed To Create More Than One Account.

Becoming myPeso Independent Marketing Agent (MIMA) in three (3) easy steps
1* Fund your account by sending your payment to accredited payment center
a* |
b*Paypal |

2* After sending login to your account, fill up the Fund Request form, and submit, make sure all the information is correct before submitting. Within 48 hours your fund will be reflected / credited to your account
3* Go to our online shop and buy the business package BizPack that you want

Congratulation You Are Now A MIMA.

For MIMA Benefits and Advantages go here
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